Fun Links

This year you will be studying many new things across all subject areas!  This is a great place to come and do games and activities to study for your unit tests.

Math Links


This year in Math, you will be building on your addition and subtraction facts- we will be adding and subtracting bigger numbers up to 100!  We will also learn geometry, fractions, measurement, and maybe even a little multiplication.

Literacy Links


Our literacy links are a great place for you to come to practice our reading, writing, and grammar skills.  I love listening to the interactive stories- my favorite is, where celebrities read you some of their favorite stories.

Social Studies Links


You are going to love our Social Studies units in Second grade!  We study Famous Americans, Ancient Egypt, Native Americans, Ancient China, and much more.  

Science Links


In Science, we will learn about Weather, Magnets, Animals, and Plants.  I love investigating and doing our hands-on Science experiments!



Challenge your mom, dad, sister, brother, or friend to a game of jeopardy.  These are our review powerpoints for our Science and Social Studies units.  You do need powerpoint on your computer to play.

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