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Prefix or Suffix

by the Bazillions

Shush SH

by Between the Lions

School House Polka- Homophones

by Veggie Tales

Schoolhouse Rock Nouns

by Schoolhouse Rock

Five W's 

by Scratch Garden

Happy- Linking Verbs

by Jessica Hassinger

Homophone Monkey

by Waterford Institute

When Two Vowels Go Walking

by Between the Lions

Punctuation Explained

by Scratch Garden

th- Music Man

by The Electric Company

Skippyjon Jones

by Judy Schachner

For your Social Studies and Science:

Water Cycle

by Have Fun Teaching

Mummies Made in Egypt Preview

by Reading Rainbow

For your math:

Shake It Off- Addition with no regrouping

by Maddy Lister

Blank Space- Addition with regrouping

by Maddy Lister

Place Value Drill Sargeant

by Maddy Lister

Greater Than/Less Than


Counting by 5s

by Have Fun Teaching

Fractions on the Farm

by Math Dog Media

Counting by 2s

by Have Fun Teaching

You Carry Over- regrouping

by MrRsSongsThatTeach

We Will Round You

by MrAguilarTX

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